The Ceaseless reward is for those who deserve it


An authentic narration from the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad – May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – asserts that Muslim dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or righteous offspring who will pray for him. Fulfilling only one of these cases is enough to gain endless reward. Yet, some people – and perhaps very few – are able to gain the reward from all three directions. Looking at the life of the late Dato’ Dr. Raja Mohamad Abdullah, it does not take long to realise that he has successfully created a legacy that will continue to add to his earnings through the three channels.

His charitable work has not been noticeable except by those who benefited from it. Being a son for a middle-class family, who has worked hard to create a life and name for himself, Dato’ Dr. Raja Mohamad Abdullah knew the importance and value of helping others. His approach of helping people was not only based on giving monetary aid to those who are in need; rather he used to provide different kinds of support following the common motto do not give me a fish but teach me how to fish. Dato’ Dr Raja’s vast working experience together with wide knowledge – being a PhD holder since 2004 – was transferred to his children and the staff member of the organisations he used to lead.

The children of Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah were raised according to his standards and they are now carrying the responsibility to continue his legacy through following his footprints energised by genuine motivation to give back to their beloved father who has devoted his entire life to make them better individuals. Their commitment to ensure the success of the Muslim World BIZ in its 6th version is clear evidence on this. Dato’ Dr Raja’s concern about the development process of the whole Muslim Ummah, with Malaysia taking leading part in it, is now the concern of his children.

It is actually hard to count the occasions in which Dato’ Dr Raja participated and the programmes he personally has initiated to promote the progress made in the Islamic economy. Take for example the foundation of the OIC International Business Centre and the publication of the business and investment magazine OIC TODAY since 2003 which disseminates valuable information to enhance trade collaboration and strategic alliance among the 57 OIC member countries. One of his common statements was: ‘it is indeed our main concern to reach the vision of elevating the Muslim world economy for the well-being of the Ummah.’

For the same purpose, Dato’ Dr Raja established the annual event ‘The Muslim World BIZ’ in 2010 as a more practical endeavour that provides trusted platform for bringing the world and the Islamic countries entrepreneurs and leaders together to integrate and diversify the growth of Islamic economy through expanding intra-trade and investment activities between OIC and non-OIC countries in order to create global business competitiveness. Simultaneously, his objective was to help the economies of the least developed Muslim countries. His firm vision was to transform these countries to be classified as middle-income nations by 2020.

Dato’ Dr Raja left very early before witnessing the completion of his noble plan for the Ummah. However, he must have been proud of what he has done and confident that he has properly trained his followers to sustain the success. Indeed, he is the jewel of the jewels of the Muslim world.

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