Global business services provider launches : First business services centre in Malaysia


Targeting to boost employment rate in Malaysia to 1,500 jobs by 2019

Another significant moment has been achieved in Malaysia as Aspiro Sdn Bhd, a dynamic global business services provider launched its ‘Global Business Services Centre’ on 26 April 2018. Choosing Malaysia as its headquarters, this MSC status company offers the best of services in Human Resources, Information Technology and Finance & Accounting to more than 80,000 users across businesses in Indonesia and China.

The launch of this innovative business services centre marks a new chapter for Aspiro in providing not only essential skills and competencies to its employees, but additionally a vast exposure to the best international practices and experiences.

Aspiro started servicing customers on December 2017. The organisation is currently serving Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world and is rapidly growing to support more entities.

Lee Teck Seng, CEO of Aspiro said that diversity and inclusion are some of the key drivers towards internal innovation and business growth for any corporations. As such, choosing Malaysia as their preferred location for headquarters was the best decision.

“Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with a diverse group of talent. This alongside the excellent infrastructure and the friendly business-oriented policies put in place by the government is a perfect location for our multilingual global business services centre,” said Lee.

“We believe that our business services centre, which is not of a cost arbitrage model will benefit from the rich talent pool of multilingual capabilities here. Moreover, Malaysia is filled with an immense diversity of ideas, creativity and innovation that will lead to a huge professional advantage.”

A platform that supports its customers by building strategic capabilities and delivering service excellence through a digitalised environment by leveraging the industry best practices and digital solutions, Aspiro is all set to boost local employment rates in Malaysia. With a generation of 450 to 500 jobs across different technologies and capabilities in Malaysia by the end of 2018 and an approximate 1,500 jobs by the end of 2019, Aspiro aims to empower the Malaysian workforce with an effective career growth.

“With our diverse and inclusive skilled workforce combined with best-in-class technologies that include analytics and robotics, our company enables the business to be truly digital and cyber safe.”

“Our digitised offering does not stop with our customers. Even our employees are able to perform all their HR related needs such as leave applications, claim submissions and have access to employee related policies and company announcements through our mobile app, at all times.”

Aspiro hires fresh graduates and enables them to chart a fulfilling career journey with the organisation. Employees are provided with trainings that offer them opportunities to be transferred out to business units and corporate roles within selected clients’ space. This will enable them to gain experience from diverse, cultural backgrounds. The knowledge received is then applied in their professional lives, which makes them more self-empowered and adaptable.

This strategic one-stop hub will not only attract talents with many skillsets, but also aims to bring out the best and further inspire these talents to grow and develop themselves into becoming the leaders they were meant to be.

“We cultivate a ‘One Team’ culture of unity and teamwork, where we optimise our people’s potential and provide equal opportunities for our people to develop their skillsets, through a culture of empowerment and trust. This, I believe will enable Aspiro to provide our customers the best of services that is inclusive of enhanced business capabilities and high quality services,” added Lee.

Also present at the launch were Encik Mohd Zahid Abdullah, Senior Director of Services Sector Development Division of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI); Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); Mr Goh Lin Piao, Managing Director of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP); Mr Gan Bock Herm, Country Manager of Jobstreet Malaysia; and Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of Corporate Services, Aspiro Sdn. Bhd.

In his speech talking about APP’s experience with Aspiro, Mr Goh emphasised the importance and need for big corporations to outsource some of their administrative operations and focus on improvising their core products and services. He praised Aspiro’s system which provides complete and timely sets of information on daily basis, which help him personally to make decisions. Mr Goh also highlighted the advantage of transparency Aspiro adds to their business, especially in accounting and HR related tasks.

As the Guest of Honour to the exceptional event representing YBhg Datuk Seri J. Jayasiri, the Secretary General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia, Encik Mohd Zahid Abdullah congratulated Aspiro on this important milestone. He also applauded their choice of Malaysia to establish the company’s headquarters. Encik Abdullah also stressed the support which the Government of Malaysia will continue provide for companies like Aspiro. Following the launch, the gusts and media representatives were taken into around the various departments of Aspiro’s office.

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