Jewels of the Muslim World

After the successful organisation of the trade exhibition and conference “The Muslim World Business and Investment Zone” and in view of its outcomes, the organizers decided to incorporate a special award ceremony to present the Jewels of the Muslim World Award to selected renowned personalities from around the Muslim world. The award is honored by OIC TODAY, and it is presented to some of the top movers and shakers of the Islamic economy. Having contributed to a positive transformation change, their efforts are visible and they had to be acknowledged. The award was presented for the first time at the 2nd Muslim World BIZ in 2011. Since then, it is being presented every year during the opening ceremony of the event.

Round Table Talk

The Round Table Talk is a special global leadership programme that was envisioned by the late Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah, the founder of OIC International Business Centre. Its main objective is to nurture a new generation of leaders who would be able to carry the responsibility and face future challenges. The programme is designed to host today’s successful leaders as panelists in a series of sessions that take place consecutively to share their experience with a crowd of audiences including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, university students, and others.

Most of the speakers are current or previous recipients of the Jewels of the Muslim World Award. The RTT discusses topics related to contemporary issues pertaining to the development of the Islamic economy and its contribution to the global by providing viable alternatives to the current practices. The RTT topics also promote synergy and understanding among Muslims and with others so that they all could live in peace and harmony. As part of the Muslim World BIZ, the RTT runs concurrently with other conferences. Yet, it is fully  organised by OIC TODAY magazine.


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